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Bucks County

Bristol Township real estate on the rise
On the flip side of the housing slump that began in 2007, Bristol Township has slowly seen the real estate market improve. After losing nearly 25 percent of the value of Bristol Township homes in 2007, prices have increased 4.7 percent in 2013, 1 percent in 2014 and so far this year – 16 percent. According to veteran real estate agent Ellen M. Cassidy, prices are up substantially this year because of higher-cost renovations by investors who flipped houses, especially in the township’s portion of Levittown. According to Cassidy, 22 percent of the properties on the market are short sales or bank repossessions after foreclosure, ranging in price from $50,000 to the low $100,000s. When purchased, renovated and flipped, resales of these houses range from $200,000 to $250,000, said Cassidy. What has helped the market, Cassidy continues, was easing use-and-occupancy requirements for resale. The township council eliminated a $500 escrow required to purchase a home, streamlined the criteria for resale inspections to include only items directly related to public health, safety and welfare and “sent the message to the Realtor community that Bristol Township encouraged investment both residential and commercial,” says Township Manager William McCauley. It is the “renaissance” of Bristol Township, according to Councilwoman Amber Longhitano, also a Realtor. “We are rebuilding our community one step at a time,” she says. That includes repairing the roads, implementing a “state-of-the-art” LED street lighting system, and rebuilding the sewer system.
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer; 4/20/2015

Springfield opposes pipeline plan
Springfield officials are taking a stand against the PennEast Pipeline. The board of supervisors voted to sign a resolution that opposes the construction of the PennEast Pipeline and calls upon neighboring municipalities to join in the opposition. According to Springfield’s resolution, the PennEast Pipeline could have a significant and degrading cumulative impact on the landscape and aquifers of the Cooks Creek Watershed, the residents of Bucks County and the Delaware River Basin. PennEast is a 114-mile natural gas pipeline planned from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Mercer County, New Jersey that is currently under review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If approved, the pipeline would cut through Durham Township in Bucks County, just south of Riegelsville. PennEast representatives claim that the pipeline would provide natural gas to residents and small business owners and would amount to significant energy savings for local customers.
Source: The Intelligencer; 4/28/2015

Upper Makefield to hold special meeting on Toll Brothers project
Upper Makefield Township supervisors have scheduled a special meeting devoted entirely to consideration of final approval for the Toll Brothers project on the White tract and Upper Makefield’s share of the Melsky tract. The meeting is set for 7:30 p.m., on May 11 at the township building, 1076 Eagle Road. Toll Brothers is proposing 80 single-family homes on the 95-acre White tract and 38 single-family houses for the 66-acre part of the Melsky tract. The developer also plans 45 more houses on the other 68 acres of the Melsky tract that is in Newtown Township. Upper Makefield supervisors granted approval for both tracts in 2007, but a group of neighbors has carried out an appeal through several courts. The matter has now been remanded back to the supervisors for consideration of final approval. Items that the supervisors will consider during the special meeting include whether the detention basins in the open space lots are permitted under the applicable ordinance provisions of the joint municipal zoning ordinance; whether the plans comply with the township’s storm water management ordinance; and whether the plans comply with the conditions set forth in the 2007 approval letter.
Source: Bucks County Courier Times; 4/28/2015

Solicitation reminders from Doylestown Borough
Realtors are reminded that a license is required to solicit and peddle in the Borough of Doylestown.Click here for a permit application. The Borough also maintains a Do-Not-Sell list that prohibits all soliciting and peddling by a licensee at such an address. Canvassers are prohibited when a sign is posted on the property prohibiting canvassing. Please note that the borough encourages residents who are on the Do-Not-Sell list to contact the regional police department if a solicitor or peddler has violated the borough ordinance. For more information, visit